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Last month MTV used “Simple Love” on an episode of their Jersey Shore spin-off, Snooki and JWoww. 

Live radio performance of Sonia Rao on KPFK (9/3/11). Josh D Doyle on cajon and Evan Hillhouse on guitar. The song is “This I Know” which is the first track off Sonia’s debut album titled Calm Her.

Source: youtube.com


3 Theory artist Sonia Rao on NBC’s The Voice

On Tuesday, April 26th at 9pm (PST) NBC’s new show “The Voice” will air. If you’ve caught any of the commercials for the show then you’ve likely already seen indie singer/songwriter, Sonia Rao. We’ve been working with Sonia over the last couple years and are about to start production on her upcoming EP in May 2011. Last year we recorded 3 of her songs which you can hear at her website: http://soniarao.com Sign up for her email newsletter so you can find out when the official EP release will be.

You can also download Sonia’s songs from iTunes.